1. Clothing – Light coloured cotton clothes (dark coloured clothes not allowed)
  • For boys – Kurta Paijama (Chudidar Paijama not allowed, causes discomfort while sitting & playing)
  • For girls – Salwar Kurta (Chudidar Paijama not allowed)
2. For daily routine – Handkerchief, napkin, thin towel (easy to dry), scarf, bedsheet, shawl
3. Oil, comb, soap (for bathing & washing clothes)
4. Polyester clothes, jersey, jeans, t-shirt, bermuda such clothing is not allowed. Such clothes would be taken away and returned on the day of leaving varga.

Reporting 22nd December 2019 till 6 P.M.

Departure 29th December 2019 after 2 P.M.