To inculcate Bharatiya samskaras playfully, have pride in Bharatiya self-identity and realise creativity & values in children, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal’s Gurukul Project brings to you a short term varga on huge public demand.

As the name implies, children would get acquainted with Samskrita, Yoga & Gita along with various physical, mental & intellectual activities. Samskrita speaking, Yoga through Prana Vidya and Karmayoga secrets of Bhagwadgeeta would be learnt so scientifically that they won’t ever forget.

Parents many-a-times complain that their wards don’t respect elders, don’t take care of their stuff, don’t do their own work. The participants of Samyogi are expected to imbibe many values in this short duration without special efforts in a collective environment. They would start enjoying physical activities and understand the joys & importance of doing own work. As a proper follow up, if we start involving them in household chores, they will obey with joy.

Samskrita is not just one of the languages, it is the art and science of speech. It is the complete methodology of proper pronunciation. Samskrita enables assimilation of various languages easily. Pure & pious samskaras are engraved on mind. In this varga, we will start understanding, speaking as well as thinking in Samskrita.

Yoga has been accorded immense importance in our culture since ancient times. It got worldwide recognition and whole-hearted acceptance after International Day of Yoga. The original form of yoga got left behind in the race of modernity & turned commercial. Health benefits are natural byproducts, but the most important benefit of yoga is concentration of mind that is extremely important in student life.

Bhagwadgeeta is an amazing gist of all Shastras. One receives answers to all questions after going through Gita. When Arjuna sees his relatives as opponents on the battlefield, he goes into depression thinking ‘How can I kill them?’. In this testing time, he gives all the responsibility of what’s good & bad for him to his dear friend Shri Krishna and submits as a true disciple. Bhagwan graces him with Vishwaroop darshan and clears all his doubts & confusions. Bhagwadgeeta is filled with apt answers to guide us in trying times. Study of Gita is essential from childhood as it increases the ability of decision making.